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education and resources

If your pregnancy was not planned and you’re considering parenting, you may have more questions than answers about birth, baby care, and parenting.

Whether you’re single, married, or plan on co-parenting, we are here for you to help you navigate an unplanned pregnancy and beyond. We know it can be a stressful time no matter what you decide, but we offer a team of support and empower you every step of the way.

pregnancy and parenting support

We provide pregnancy support and parenting education on healthy pregnancy, birth, parenting, baby care, and more. The program helps new clients succeed in both the program and in their personal lives.​

We provide material assistance for items such as:

  • Formula and baby food

  • Wipes and diapers

  • Essential baby items

  • Baby Clothing

  • And more

Note: All of our Care Closet items are donated by groups and individuals. For this reason, some items or brands may not always be available.

Parenting Programs

We provide parenting classes, resources, material assistance & one-on-one support for new parents

Our programs

This is a support and social group with guest speakers, life skills, parenting education, crafts and group led discussions. It is for moms who are pregnant and/or with children 0-4 years' old. Child care and healthy snacks are provided. ​

This program provides grief support for families who have had children adopted or placed permanently in Foster Care with no contact.
This is a program to help families gain valuable parenting and life skills which can be used in their parenting journey. This program will feature different parenting lessons and skills on a rotating basis. 

Bible studies run on the last Thursday of the month from January to June. Parents with children 0-12 are welcome.  

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